segunda-feira, 6 de agosto de 2012



Long time no post here!

I deleted all the posts and decided to start all over again!

I don't like to promise, so there is no garantee that this blog always will be updated. But I decided to start, at least, for a reason: Toefl. I want to travel to another country, study and "Science without borders" can be a opportunity for me. So, the best thing I should do is start!

First, I want to apologize you: My English is not so good! If you detect something wrong, please, contact me!

I studied English for 3 years at Fisk, a English School here. I were a teenager when I started studying english, and I didn't give so much attention. I studied a lot in High School. And English... "Oh, just listen to a lot of music, play some games, watch some movies and done". When I went to University, I stoped studying the grammar. Only reading academic articles in English, but nothing more.

Then, I travelled to Europe in this summer, to visit my uncle. And we went to London, such a beautiful place, where the native language is.................English! In Portuguese, I don't listen very well (I don't know why). So, sometimes, I ask to repeat; and the people talk too fast (!). There were no big difficult, most of things that I wanted, I got. Not easy to get, but I got.

Nowadays, the "Science without borders" is offering opportunities to study in other countries, like US, UK, Australia, South Corea, Canada, etc. And I have to study! So, this blog may be a opportunity to pratice. Who knows, someday, studying in one of this countries.......!

So, let's get started! Here I go!